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Windows 7/8

Ubuntu - Linux based operating system

Ubuntu stands for 'human kindness'. This operating system is available for free and works for many PC's/laptops as an alternative. Ubuntu is now designed to run on different sized screens using it unity interface. If you do not like the unity interface, there are many other distributions you can use such as Kubuntu or Lubuntu. Lubuntu is for those who have low-spec hardware that does not have the resources to run Ubuntu. All other Ubuntu distributions are listed here:

Advantages of using Ubuntu

  • Secure and viruses are often exploit security flaws within the Windows operating system.
  • Easy to install and can work alongside Windows. Works especially well in Windows 8 and allows you to choose the OS during startup.
  • Free...completely free. Ubuntu is an open source operating system. It is allowed to be distributed and modified by it's users, no serial keys!
  • Often works well on older machine.

Disadvantages of using Ubuntu

  • More hardware is supported within Windows than Ubuntu. If your not computer literate, installing your hardware in some cases can be difficult.
  • Software that you often use on Windows may not be available on Ubuntu, however Ubuntu offers it's own alternatives (usually free) in Ubuntu's software center.
  • Depending on which version you use and your type of hardware, it can often be a little bit buggy.
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